EAT EAT EAT and CHAT CHAT CHAT. What we had in one day.

▴ The notorious traditional Beijing breakfast drink: Douzhi (made of tofu residue, tastes like rotten cabbage or sewage water…)


▴ My soul food meat bun is back again. Chili oil is an essential condiment for maximizing the taste,

▴ Leek and shrimp is another popular filling

▴ Oh…what a temptation…包子对我的诱惑力应该是致命的了。。。


▴ Here the lunch starts.

▴ Super local eats.


▴ Japanese Tofu stir-fry…I never get a chance to learn why this type of silky tube-shaped tofu get its name – The Japanese Tofu. What’s so Japanese about it?

▴ Our dinner. The undistinguishable stuff is fish.

The highlight is not about the food we had but the conversation and love we shared sitting by the dinning table. Food plays a central role to unit people together. Especially good food.

A six hours long chat with XiaoQiang. Through his stories, I gained a lot of life advice, a few awesome gifts and several Russian illustration books  to read on. I got so touched by the relationship we have. Their home is my home in Beijing. That’s how I feel.