3am at Nanjing The Fleeting Time Youth Hostel. 南京流年青年客栈.

Long story short: dragging the luggage walking towards this hostel for almost an hour during midnight in Nanjing.
Arrived nearly 2am, and was told that they only accept guests with valid Chinese I.D. card. My Canadian passport suddenly became useless for the first time in my hostel-booking history.
I called my father who was in Canada to help me search for my I.D card. He was pissed off and blaming me for not getting things ready. I told him I was so tired and it was raining outside and plus it’s 2am in the morning I have nowhere to go.
He said it’s your own business you should deal with it instead of complaining and releasing anger to him.

I asked the receptionist if I could stay at the common space for a few hours until sunrise and pay the same amount of money. He rejected me in a soft voice.

I called my mom who was in china at that time. She recalled where she (or me) stored my I.D card in Canada and eventually saved my ass.

I slept for 3 hours in total in this room and woke up fully charged to continue my trip.