Woke up in the early morning as usual, enjoyed all my breakfast with the view of NanHu Park on 12th floor. Gonna be a nice day, again.

Arrived at South Face hostel at late night, welcomed by the host with fresh passion fruit juice and a bunch of glutinous rice to celebrate the tradition Chinese Holiday -Dragon Boat Festival.

Finally found some clean, spacious space to rest. It’s been super noisy every single day. My mind was exploding while taking the train from Guangzhou to Nanning city. Kids were no manner so to speak. Same as adults. Non-stop yelling and screaming and there are so many other small little things pissed me off. I miss Daisen and the quiet surrounding so much… Can’t handle the noisy and visual pollution. I wonder how people live in the mega-city in China. It’s just too loud.

Sore and painful feet with six blisters. Poked them all before I went to sleep. Hope they can heal as soon as possible. Long journey ahead.

粽子节的傍晚有最有人情味儿的老板,一进门就是满眼的粽子招呼我吃。早起在十二楼的阳台喝着青旅老板给的百香果果汁,对着南湖公园吃了两个粽子。/// 十分推荐这家青旅…在国内能碰到这么干净宽敞明亮价位不高但是人非常好的青旅真的是不容易….大力推荐南宁市的south face…老板本身也是满世界乱跑的人,超有趣

Nanning South Face hostel

Nanhu No.6 Building, No.6 YuanHu South Road ,Qiuxiu district