Reunion day with Maki-san at YES bar in Onomichi. Walking back to Miharashi-tei Guesthouse through this shopping tunnel around 1:18am. With my mind super sober and knowing what to do, how to decide.

I’ve had self-doubt about my lifestyle all the time. Had a long talk two years ago with Maki-san at the bar. Two years later I’m still in the same trap.

“Will I survive with this kind of floating, unstable lifestyle? But the majority of me still says yes. I do want it.”

“Two years ago you asked the same question. Now you are still alive, not sick, not dead.”

“And I’m happy.Enjoying my life.”

“I don’t think about it.”
“I don’t care.”
“I just follow my passion all the time. And I do my best each time”
“Do you have to care if you are an outsider or whoever? ”
“Once again, the question is about how You feel, how You want your life to be, how You intepret and how You accept yourself.”