with owner Mr.Koji at Drummers’ Dream Hostel タイコたたきの夢

Back to this magical guesthouse where I stayed and worked for over a month in the summer of 2015. Mr.Koji and I don’t talk much but each conversation always shine new lights on me.

Got to read two new books recommended by him. The mutual theme is the conciousness of death and living the last life in this afterlife desguised as the present world.

“Art is wonderful.”

Just two days ago I saw the news that one of my favourite photographer Renhang 任航 suicided at age of 29 on feburary 24th this year. Im actually still in shock by his vanish. Mr.koji once bought his art work to decorate this guesthouse.

I was quite surprised how peaceful I felt during last night reunion with Koji-san. There was nothing loud, exciting or crazy. Everything and everyone was at ease in a slow pace.

I guess peace is what I want and what I am actually experiencing right now. After storms of pain and the loss of trust, for the first time I start to understand what Peace feels like.

Sacrificed some sleeping time to finish reading these two awesome books.

by Artist Mihoko Ogaki
“Understanding the true meaning of death through life is difficult. However, doing it the other way around helps you understand the true meaning of life.”

Lost Human Genetic Archive
by renowned Japanese photographer: Hiroshi Sugimoto

“Life is a serious joke”, as Mr.Koji summarized.