Vegan Cafe Hibinokate 日々の糧

▴ Tofu burger set.

I used to be super amazed by the food presentation of Japanese cuisine. Everything is served in a tiny portion in a tiny plate which only takes one bite to finish up. As a traveller I have admired this delicate trait a lot but now as a regular resident here I find out that I can never get satisfied with any of the dishes provided in a set. In this way I miss Chinese food a lot where you are served with one dish only and the serving portion is giant enough to make sure you get enough of it at the end of the meal. I demand solid food to feed me up and to please my stomach. Aesthetics is not food.

▴ I mistook the red lump as salmon when I was editing this photo. It is marinated radish, if you take a second guess.

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玄米cafe 日々の糧
197 Meijicho, Yonago, Tottori Prefecture 683-0053