2014.11.02 – 11.09

After two-month stay in Taiwan I decided to travel to Seoul simply because my craving for Korean food need to be fulfilled. My mom who is a crazy Korean drama fan was with me at that time, travelling to S.Korea means she could finally unveil the myth of this country in real person after consuming 55 Korean drama in a short time span.

Coffeeshop surely grabbed lots of our attention during that cold winter in Seoul.

With all our tropical clothes worn in Taiwan, we landed in city center of Seoul around 5am in a minus 2 degree winter day. All the shop were closed at that time. Not sure why but McDonald can always save traveller’s ass by its 24hrs business time and no-one-will-kick-you-out custom service. So mom and me ordered breakfast, shaking our freezing body while anxiously waiting for shops to open. We need clothes, the more the better. And this became the habit while travelling in Seoul. We seriously spent 70% of our time doing shopping while saving the rest for different cafes, to take a rest and warm our asses up.