Due to the weak network signal in my room, I took my skype Japanese lesson via cellphone at the rooftop garden.


View at the 6th Floor

Sixth floor is where the roof garden starts. They grow the veggies and breed fishes in the same tank. The top part is for the greens, the lower pond is for the fishes.
They developed this into a product where locals can grow their own greens/flowers while breeding the fishes easily. Here is more detailed article about this Fish/Veggies Co-existing System: http://aptv.com.tw/article/article.php?articleid=998


Going UP UP UP

View at the 6.5 floor

Took my lesson here. Treat the bench like a beach lounge chair. Loads of sunshine, breeze and green everywhere. Blessful day.

Neighbours 近所の人のいえ