at Taipei Dangdai Art Exhibition

If this is what contemporary art is, I hate it. Luckily this is not the full spectrum of art. 

this is good stuff
laborious work…so what?
so many this kind of style….
this is the climax of wtf moment. I hate it the most
jackson pollock is everywhere
oh this…saw it million times….
oh photograph in a light box …jeff wall done it
oh…. i bet those shoes are super expensive
oh gosh….at least the chairs are cool design
she fits that wall
i wish this could be placed at a more suitable environment to bring out the best and the most of it…somewhere close to the ocean where waves are accompanying the flower. Yayoi’s work should not be wasted here.
oh hi..
oh lord….
i like this. a little creature full of weird emotions.
this is not new neither.
yuyi’s work… i always fall in love with her depressed concept
the entrance
thanks to pampan who gave me an invitation card. 
see art, love art, buy art. I’d rather not seeing these three lines printed on it. Meaningless slogans. it’s like saying eat drink and then shit.