29hours 56mins on this train from Guilin to Baoutou. Packed 5 books with a bag of steamed buns for entertainment. Passengers who slept above my sleeping berth snored so badly that I woke up at 4:35am. Sat by the window and waited for the sun to come up so that I can read my book and be oblivious into my surrounding.

Train ride is always nostalgic, especially the ones heading to Baotou. Back in the 90s, My family used to take a 12-hour train from Harbin to Beijing first and then catch another 12-hour train from Beijing to Baotou. So many tears and greetings, farewells happened on the platform. Good to be back. Home feels so good.


▴ With my hat and train ticket

▴ Bought my dinner during a short break at Changsha railway station.

▴ Woke up at dawn. Welcomed natural light for my early morning reading at 5am.

▴ Train meal

▴ Train meal