Back to Inner Mongolia where my relatives are. Complete another short trip and I started to wonder if I can ever pull another long trip like I used to. Clearly I don’t have that confidence or motivation. Travellers talking about the next destinations with shining rays in their eyes. I felt their anticipation but did not response with my ususal “Oh Yeah I wanna go there too!” I’m really sick of being in cities. The noise and visual chaos destroyed me. I spent more time visiting parks, bookstores, museums and temples where my mind can be treated softly and meaningfully.

05.22 Osaka(Japan) – HongKong
05.27 Hongkong – ShenZhen
05.30 ShenZhen – GuangZhou
05.30 GuangZhou – NanNing
06.03 NanNing – Hanoi (Vietnam)
06.12 Hanoi – NanNing – GuiLin
06.16-17 GuiLin – BaoTou