This 90 years old Dim Sum place is one of the few authentic ones left in Hong Kong. They still keep the tradition well and many people have been frequent customers since their young age.

▴ This lady who sat next to me was sharing her Three-Finger Tea-Pouring Kongfu with us. She’s been a royal customers here for over 20 years.

▴ Nice deco with the bird cages

▴ Traditionally, the waitress will carry this cart and walk around with food for customers to choose from. Since the business got so crazy with limited space, nowadays the customers will follow a self-service system where they go to the food station to get whatever they want.

▴ Sometimes the waitress walks around.

▴ Some proof of its 90 years old history.

▴ It’s very very typical to share table with strangers because the seating are so limited.

▴ There is a food menu you can choose from too.

▴ My new friend and buddy, another Xue.
(Xue Zhou as the full name)

莲香楼 Lin Heung Tea House

160-164 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong