Hit another personal record for being sick over ten days. Never happened before. Came back to Daisen with my bloody eyes and itchy throat. Frequent cough makes my surrounding sound like a zoo. Was I over stressed? or just caught a simple cold. Guess my heart caught a severe cold. Sorry for not taking care of myself, again. Sorry for letting other snobbish trash come in my sacred zone.

Dropped by at the local shrine to say Hi. Each visit I pray for difficult cause. Need more time to play in the grey swamp. The extreme me and the binary world should be replaced by the in-between. The black and white will not make my life as dramatic as the grey area.

Treasure each encounter and value all experience. Enjoy life and Be grateful. See no evil, hear no evil and the most important: speak no evil.

SHARE LOVE. It’s my 2017 resolution. I’m gonna stick to it although it’s hard because human beings are messy and chaotic. No need to be a stupid soldier and fight with human nature.

Daisen, tadaima.