2017.04.10 with Yabu in front of a shrine in Awaji Island.

Thanks for taking care of me for a year.

2017.04.09. with new friend Remi-chan, who’s half of my age.

She said “Hello” in Chinese, English and Japanese to me. She waved to me and hold up her cellphone to take a photo of us. It suddenly warmed up my heart a bit. To know that someone is still interested in me and wanted to talk to me.

Ovi dropped a few sentences this morning.

“In life, I found, everything is relative and nothing is forever.  Remember the good parts and be happy that it happened. And start all over again!”

and I replied,
“…my heart is still going through the necessary process to recover.i tried to think positive but i think the seven sins imbedded in us are so dangerous, it scares me.”

This is life. Live on.