Breakfast and Bible at Fairfield Hostel.

Five days in kyoto Mom and I tried four hostels in total.

Fairfield Hostel
Nice structure/layout of rooms. Dormitory style. The height of the bunkbed is tall enough for the guest to standup and move around. This is quite unique and convenient. Free toast and jam in the morning.

(The curtain separates the space. There is a closet and tatami bed. The space above is the top part of the bunkbed. Same layout and same height.)

Guesthouse WIND VILLA Kyoto
Nice and clean I’ve got nothing to complain. (Maybe lack of character?)

Len Kyoto – Hostel, Cafe, Bar, Dining
Hipster atmosphere with great attention to interior design. Cool place to hangout at the cafe/bar but very, very uncomfortable to live in. Form and function didn’t match well in this case.

K’s House Kyoto
Nah. Big and legit but the interior is neither cozy nor bright. A franchised hostel, won’t be my pick any more.

Tomato Guest House
I was there two years ago and I don’t want to go back. It’s dirty and dark. Not that bad but not for me.